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The Trip So Far….

I began my music career pursuits in 2007 throwing college parties and producing campus events at Humboldt State University. By 2009 I was headlining venues in my local scene resulting in a sold-out record release party that year. As I performed constantly, as a musical chameleon finding my voice, eventually I settled into a DJ/”sing-J”/Emcee style.

My live shows and studio productions reflect west coast roots, blended with island and east coast influences, and singles “SnowGlobe” (produced by B. Swizlo and Galen Davis), “Insatiable” (produced by Oakland’s Beat Kitchen) and “A Reason Why” (produced by Oakland’s AABO featuring myself) will hit the world-wide club circuit in 2016. I proudly rep brands like Fatbol Clothing (based in Arcata, CA) that believe in authenticity and producing true creative works in their purest form, and am an active member of hip-hop collective Fresh Coast Connection (Oakland CA).

All The Love, – B E R E L


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